A Scary New Virus: The FBI Virus

FBI Virus

Viruses are already hard enough to dodge while downloading e-mail attachments or even downloading things off the Internet, which is why this new “FBI Virus”, or Reveton virus, is so scary. Unlike most viruses, the FBI Virus can infect itself in your system without you even downloading anything or opening any email. It can be picked up by simply visiting a page.

As with any computer or laptop issue, if you are unfortunate enough to obtain a virus or malware, remember our computer repair services can help you get back up and running in very little time for very little money.

What the FBI Virus Does:

Once infected, this virus works by freezing your system and displaying a warning message than cannot be closed. You will be unable to use your system as most victims report their systems being completely locked-up.

The FBI virus will proceed to tell you that your I.P. address has been flagged as being in violation of one or more (explicit) federal laws that you must pay fines for in order to be exonerated. Generally, it asks for $200 through PayPal or MoneyPak.

What to Look Out For:

Most viruses want something from you, whether it’s personal information or money. The FBI or Reveton virus looks like it just wants your money, which is actually the good news, believe it or not. The reason why is that you know immediately if your computer has been infected and you can shut-down your system before anything further happens.

As with most viruses, stay away from weird websites that don’t carry any reputation, and don’t download illegal videos, music, or files from any websites, as viruses are often carried in these downloaded files and also on their respective websites.

If You Think You Have the FBI Virus:

To prevent further harm to your system, and possible identity theft, if your system ever gets infected with any type of virus, you should immediately save your files if possible and turn off your system until a local computer repair company can look at your system.

In order to maintain a safe computing environment, you should perform full system virus scans often, as well as have background virus protection running at all times. Also, try not to download files unless it’s from a verified reliable source.