How to Browse the Internet Securely


In this article, we’ll talk about how to browse the internet securely and protect yourself from online threats in the most efficient way possible. As a company who does computer repair in Temecula, CA, we’ve found some of the best ways to safeguard your system.

In today’s age of viruses, malware, identity theft, ad-ware  and spyware, it’s more important than ever to maintain a secure system, especially while browsing the internet.


Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people bring us computers with bad viruses because they didn’t have virus protection. The first thing you should install on your new computer is anti-virus software. There are great free anti-virus programs out there that offer top-of-the-line protection.

A Safer Browser

Your browser has a lot to do with security, from maintaining an updated list of malicious websites, to automatically scanning downloads for viruses. We recommend Google Chrome as a web browser because it is fast, secure and reliable. Internet Explorer really can’t compete, and as has fallen behind even faster in recent years.


Google Chrome Webpage Blocker

The image above is exactly what you would see if you accidentally sent your browser to a malicious site. Chrome has a database that blocks any site if it’s reported as being malicious.

If your accustomed to Mozilla Firefox, like many PC users, Chrome is very similar in design and usability. If you don’t feel comfortable using Chrome, Firefox is still a strong alternative.

Removing Those TOOLBARS

toolbarsToolbars on your browser may seem helpful, and some actually are, but many are completely malicious. They often get installed with other programs and piggy-back onto your system without you even realizing it. If you like using a toolbar, we recommend the toolbar that comes with AVG Anti-Virus because it doesn’t slow you down, and also helps to keep you safe online.

If you have toolbars you want to remove, you should first uninstall them from your system through “Add/Remove Programs” then make sure they are uninstalled from your browser by finding your browser’s add-on settings and removing them.

Read What Your Installing

This could be one of the most important topics to touch on. We know it’s customary to quickly click “Next” and “Agree” over and over when installing a program until the installation starts. You should always brush over the page you are agreeing to because some programs piggy-back other unwanted programs that can compromise security, add unwanted browser toolbars, and even slow your computer down.

Have you ever asked yourself: “When did I install this?”

It probably got installed WITH something else you actually wanted, and you didn’t realize it was being installed. Often times, programs called “Downloaders” are the culprits of these unwanted installations.


Overall, being aware and vigilant will keep you secure, but should you ever have issues, call a local computer repair company and they can help you out.

In our next post, we will talk about shopping securely online.