box_presentServices & Repairs:

Virus / Malware Removal


  • FREE QuikTuneUp™ included
  • Full removal and/or quarantine of all infections
  • Spyware and malware removal
  • Security audit and Anti-Virus software included
  • Yes! We fix the FBI Moneypak virus / DoD virus

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PC Tune-Up

Our Signature Service: The SuperTuneUp


  • Malware surface scan
  • Total system clean-up and repair
  • Windows speed optimization
  • Hard-Drive speed and seek optimization
  • Start-up speed boost and clean-up
  • Interior computer case clean-up

Data Recovery

  • We do MAC data recovery!
  • Recover data that’s been emptied from recycle bin
  • Recover data from crashed drive or system
  • Recover data from reformatted drive
  • Recover data from unformatted drive / lost format (RAW)
  • Data includes: documents, pictures, music, emails, etc.

General Repair

  • Fix computer that won’t boot-up
  • Blue-screen repairs
  • Fix software crashes and errors
  • Fix hardware crashes and errors
  • Includes interior computer case clean-up
  • Power supply replacement

Laptop Repair

  • LCD screen repair/replacement
  • DC power jack repair

Clean Windows Install

We don’t reformat unless it is absolutely required or requested by the customer.


  • Full OS reinstall
  • Reinstall of drivers and programs
  • Complete system update
  • Anti-Virus software included

Other services:

  • Password Recovery
  • Automatic Cloud / External Backup Setup
  • Transfer Files / Setting to New PC

homeIn-Home Services:

We’ll come to you!

The Following Services Can be Completed In-Home:

  • WiFi and/or network setup
  • Printer or other new hardware setup
  • SuperTuneUpcomplete system tune-up
  • Power supply replacement
  • Basic data recovery
  • Files and settings transfer to new PC
  • General system education
  • General computer help